Tag: Dwarf


  • Korun Delx

    The current Prime Councillor of the kaer, Korun has held this position for almost twenty years and seems likely to hold it for many more. He is a thoughtful, articulate dwarf in his mid-50s, and often seems too quiet to wield such influence. However, he …

  • Vunar

    Vunar is a gruff and serious Warrior, with no sense of humor that anyone has ever detected. He is absolutely dedicated to the safety of Kaer Siyar and its residents.

  • Ogus

    Ogus, in many ways, fits the sterotype of dwarves (at least among other races) - he is strong, stolid, unimaginative, and (if the truth be told) not overly bright (though certainly not stupid). His defining characteristic, however, is his total dedication …

  • Seadda

    Seadda is an accomplished Weaponsmith, and the head of one of Kaer Siyar's largest Forges. She seems to feel that the Kaer Council is taking up time that she would rather spend at the Forge, and tends not to contribute much to Council discussions except …