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  • Tyrnea

    Tyrnea, a Wizard, is one of the elven representatives to the Kaer Council. She is highly intelligent, articulate, and persuasive, though she spends most of her time in the council chambers observing rather than persuading. She is very knowledgeable about …

  • Jaren

    Jaren is an old and experienced elf, a veteran traveler of the Path of Lords. He is patient, if not especially friendly, and has a profound belief in Elven superiority.

  • Deremethir

    Deremethir is an aged Troubadour. There are no elves in Kaer Siyar who were alive before the Sealing, but Deremethir is old enough to remember the early days of the kaer, and to have spent many years with the elves who had come directly from Wyrm Wood. He …

  • Bessamyn

    Bessamyn the is an attractive, raven-haired woman of middle years. She is friendly and likable, though some suspect that her outer persona conceals an inner person that she does not let anyone – even her closest friends – see.

  • Maralan

    Maralan is a young Thief, still in the process of his training. As a Thief, he is occasionally viewed with some suspicion, though no one has actually proven that he has taken anything from another kaer resident.

  • Iathi

    Iathi is neither an adept nor an especially skilled politician; she is just very good at making people like her. She seems to view council meetings as a tedious waste of time, but enjoys the status that being a councillor gives her.

  • Uthwyn

    Uthwyn is an elven Beastmaster with a taciturn, sometimes sour disposition. As is common among members of his Discipline, he seems to prefer the company of animals to that of people, but he appears to have a good heart nonetheless.