Tag: wizard


  • Tyrnea

    Tyrnea, a Wizard, is one of the elven representatives to the Kaer Council. She is highly intelligent, articulate, and persuasive, though she spends most of her time in the council chambers observing rather than persuading. She is very knowledgeable about …

  • Imosor

    Imosor, a Wizard, is rather talkative by obsidiman standards (when he is awake), but somehow never seems to say much. He is obviously well-traveled and quite old.

  • Arrick

    Arrick is a middle-aged, middle-Circle Wizard in Kaer Siyar. He doesn't spend a great deal of time out and about with the other residents of the kaer; when he is encountered, he strikes most people as an arrogant, pretentious blowhard. His knowledge of …